LordXopy will be disputing the Ragnaros League finals

by | Mar 15, 2018 | HS

This weekend our Hearthstone player, Jaume “LordXopy” Hidalgo, will be travelling to Madrid to compete in the Ragnaros League and claim the legendary Sulfuras for himself.

After 6 month of tough competition, here 32 players have played against each other in groups consisting of 8 players, both of our players managed to qualify for the Top 16 cut.

However, only LordXopy managed to qualify for the Top 8 after defeating Adrían “LincolnHS” Camacho as Samuel “S4mule” Jaramillo was not able to take down Francisco Javier “PelucaThompson” Camacho. Jaume will try to conquer the championship as well as the 6000€ prizepool.

LordXopy wanted to share a message with the fans: “I am extremely happy to be able to play this Ragnaros League finals and I’m extremely thirsty for the trophy. Both S4mule and me have been competing in this league since it begun, I remember when it was a team league, we never managed to reach playoffs. However when it changed to an individual league we have always been in them, furthermore S4mule managed to win the first season and I’m looking to do the same now. I am looking forward to conquer the second Sulfuras for Giants, I want to do it to prove myself, to thank the confidence the team has put in me and to honor S4mule for his help as he always assists me, he is a great teammate.”

We will make a special coverage of the event this weekend in our Instagram so follow us in order to not miss a single thing.


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