Road to CWL NOLA after taking the 2K home

por | Ene 5, 2018 | Call of Duty, Call of Duty

Carlos ‘Lgend’ Pereiras focused in one of his official matches. Source: Gamergy

2018 could not have started in a better way for our Call of Duty team. This year has started with us proclaiming ourselves as the best Spanish team after achieving a historic record in Europe, the Call of Duty team had just become the first and only Spanish team to be able to crown themselves as champions of a CWL 2000 Series tournament.

Even with the odds against us, and facing European powerhouses such as Splyce, one of the best teams in the world and current runners-up in the CWL Dallas, the boys in blue showed up, with guts and determination they proved that they are a strong team which are able to defeat any opponent, regardless of whom it is.

What seemed unattainable for other Spanish organisations in the past has now become  part of our history thanks to the amazing individuals that compose our team. Winning the tournament against Splyce in a breathtaking final were we ended up winning with a favorable result of 3 to 0 although every map was disputed until the very end. 

Ivan ‘Yako’ Rodríguez calm and composed in the moments before a match. Source: Gamergy

2018 starts amazingly for us as we set ourselves in the seventh spot in the Pro Point ranking for Europe. The team’s qualification for the Pro League could be achieved if we manage to reach the last rounds in the CWL NOLA tournament and do well in the upcoming CWL 2000 Series as our direct rivals are close enough. 

The British Brian ‘Braaain’ Fairlamb will be playing in NOLA along Yako, Tojor and Lgend, he was a key part in our success in the CWL 2000 Series and he wanted to share his impressions and best moments of the tournament:

“The special moment from the last 2k for me was the reverse sweep on Red Reserve because we were on the brink of getting 3-0d then somehow turned it all around and ultimately won the 2k. It means a lot as it puts us in a really good position to challenge for the league and gives us a good seed for the open bracket at MLG which is also huge.”

2018 could be the year for Call Of Duty at Giants, to begin with, as most of you might have already realised, our next big event will be in New Orleans from the 10th to the 13th January where we will try to do a well enough performance to secure a Pro League spot to prove, once again, that Spanish Call of Duty is amongst the best in Europe.

Apuesta por nosotros en CWL Vegas

Apuesta por nosotros en CWL Vegas

Este fin de semana estaremos en Las Vegas para competir en el CoD World League Global Open que allí se celebra y os pedimos que apostéis por nosotros.

Shanks, Sh4rin y Fasoll a la conquista de Europa

Shanks, Sh4rin y Fasoll a la conquista de Europa

Ha llegado la hora de salir fuera. Tras varios Dragon Rush y la participación de Shanks en la FDJ Esports League francesa, nuestros gigantes van a tener la oportunidad de demostrar de que pasta están hechos contra los mejores jugadores de Europa en dos eventos.

Nuevo equipo de Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Nuevo equipo de Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Ya está aquí nuestro nuevo equipo de Call of Duty Black Ops 4, a los legendarios TojoR, Yako y Lgend se unen los vigentes campeones de España, Pepo e Inven y además, nos fortalecemos con Asen como entrenador.

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