The new Giants Store is on-line!

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In Giants we are pleased to announce the opening of the new Giants Store, our official store where you can purchase all of our merchandising.

We wanted to focus, at the time of developing the Official Store, on the comfort and ergonomics of it for the final customer, you. In this way we want to improve the shopping experience and that laziness is not an impendiment when purchasing a Giants product.





Want to know the main features of the new Giants Store? Go ahead!

So that you get to know our shop’s main features, we would like to introduce some ideas that you might want to take into account:

· Usability: Every online store should be simple and easy to manage, allowing the potential customer to be able to find what they are looking for in the shortest time possible. That is why we have developed a website that is completely versatile and self-explanatory.

· Excellent presentation: we want you to feel like the product is already in your hands, so we provide you with all the information and images necessary for you to visualize every single detail.

· Extensive catalog: We did not want to have a limited catalog so you will be able to find Giants Merch not only made by us but by our sponsors too, like the DRIFT Giants chair or the OZONE Giants Mousepad .

· Careful design: we always had in mind that one of the most important matters was to present the customer with the products in a clear and attractive way. Just like we usually do in Giants, the store is super clean and concise!

· Detailed purchase information: having easy access to the shopping cart, as well as being able to modify what you want in a simple way was a priority aspect in the development of the new Online Store and believe me, we have achieved it.

· Purchase process: once the order is made, you will be able to see a display with the quantity, price and shipping costs of what you have purchased. You will be able to get information about the shipping time, the process through which your product will pass and information about returns in your user panel.

· Personalized customer service: serving our customers was not our only concern, we also want to give you a good technical support, we want to be able to solve your doubts and help you to solve each one of them. We are here to make your experience much better, do not reatrain yourself from asking for help.

· Shipping to Europe: we do not want to put borders to our fans and we know that many of you live outside of our country, Spain, so this is your opportunity to get any merchandising you have always dreamt owning.









Apuesta por nosotros en CWL Vegas

Apuesta por nosotros en CWL Vegas

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